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Nordic Offset Ltd helps businesses and communities manage their carbon footprint

As the first company (in the markets since 2008) to bring voluntary carbon offsetting services widely available in Finland, we continue to pioneer the field in our local Nordic region. Nordic Offset Oy offers environmental management consulting and commercial emission reductions and permanent emission removals (sink increases) from voluntary emissions trading markets.

Our range of services and calculation tools enables businesses, corporations and communities to recognize their impact on the climate, calculate and reduce their carbon footprint and voluntarily offset carbon emissions. At the same time, our customers can become aware of the size of their carbon footprint and learn how to reduce unnecessary consumption. We help businesses in turning environmental management into competitive advantage.

Carbon footprint calculations

Nordic Offset can help customers to define greenhouse gas emissions (in tonnes of carbon equivalent) from all customers activities. Carbon footprint calculations are done based on the best available industry standards (IPCC, GHG Protocol guidance based on long term development work by World Resource Institute (WRI) and World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)).

Carbon emissions offsetting

Carbon emission offsetting is based on an established way to acquire funds for sustainable development. It is based on the principles the Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol set under the United Nations. Offsetting happens by purchasing emission reductions, and/ or permanent emission removals (carbon sink increases) in relation to your own consumption ”tonne to tonne”, from carbon emission reducing sustainable energy projects. or projects that increase permanent carbon sinks. These projects are first and foremost implemented in developing countries which typically have no regulated emission reduction targets. In accordance with premium standards, Verified Emission Reductions (VER) come from projects of cleaner technology that replace polluting means of production or projects that increase carbon sinks/ storage. The free market determines the emission reduction price rate, which is conveyed into tradable credits.

By reducing unnecessary consumption and by offsetting unavoidable consumption, your efforts can effectively slow down the progression of climate change and you can take steps towards a carbon neutral way of life. At the same time, you will accelerate sustainable development, promoting the development of projects in places where they would otherwise not exist.

Nordic Offset is also actively involved in developing carbon emission reduction or removal projects in Finland.

We offer emission reduction credits under WWF Gold Standard certification.In addition we are currently developing standardized methodologies for emission reductions and permanent carbon credit removals for projects in Finland.

We use the auditing services to verify where the payments go and for accounting of emission reduction credits and carbon removals.

Our Carbon emission offsetting services

Custom tailored offsetting services for businesses (including offsetting for air travel, offsetting for motor vehicles, offsetting for products and services and offsetting for the workplace).

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