Maija Saijonmaa

M.Sc. (Tech.), Energy technology and environmental protection

Senior Advisor
Climate finance, Voluntary carbon markets and offsetting, carbon neutrality, SBTi

Tel. + 358 10 340 0080
Mob. +358 50 356 6820

Heini Koutonen

M.Sc. (Agriculture and forestry), Environmental Economics

Senior consultant
Carbon footprint, LCA, Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and verifications

Mob. +358 44 024 6909

Laura Strömberg

M.Sc. (Tech), Environmental technology

Consultant, project coordinator
CO2e calculation and offsetting

Mob. +358 50 583 2439

Staffan Söderholm

M.Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Adm.)

Senior Advisor
Carbon Trade

In addition, we have a comprehensive network of experts.

Anna-Katri Räihä

M.Sc. (Agriculture and forestry), Environmental Economics

Senior Advisor
Carbon footprint, LCA, emission reduction targets and measures (SBTi), ESG assessments

Mob. +358 44 308 9533

Antti Asumaa


Senior Advisor