Minimise before you offset

An ethical sustainability policy is based on carbon management, i.e. minimising one’s CO2 footprint. At the heart of pursuing climate responsibility and carbon neutrality is the reduction of emissions from one’s own operations to as little as possible. There are many ways of acting in a more climate-friendly manner. The starting point is to identify what causes the emissions and replace them with more sustainable alternatives.

Nordic Offset helps companies and communities set and achieve concrete emission reduction targets. We will consult on the application of best practices and on finding climate-friendly policies so that your customers can rest assured that everything possible has been done when it comes to carbon management.

Start your climate action with environmental consulting experts

Our environmental consulting draws up comprehensible climate responsibility programmes and advise on practical carbon management solutions. There is a difference in sectors; in some, the means of reducing emissions are easy and obvious, others require tailoring, product development and production chain optimisation, and even profound changes in business strategy. In all situations, we offer flexible solutions and expertise. Unnecessarily negative impact on the climate should be avoided in all sectors.

It is natural to start the emissions reduction process by calculating one’s carbon footprint. However, the issue can also be approached more pragmatically so that effective measures can be made in a straightforward manner. During our consultation visit, we will make a recommendation on appropriate next steps. See case example.

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