Now is the time for corporate climate responsibility

Mitigating climate change requires action, decisions and changes – a bold, ambitious attitude. Businesses and communities have every opportunity to take concrete action right away. Private sector action is urgently needed to complement the objectives set by international climate agreements, as states’ commitments are insufficient to limit atmospheric warming to what is still considered safe at 1.5°C.

The demands of consumers, business customers and citizens regarding climate responsibility are continually growing. Low-emission and carbon-neutral products and services are increasing their market share. There are significant changes in global values. Climate responsibility is becoming an essential condition for being on the market. Soon businesses will be asked how offering something whose carbon footprint has not been taken care of is possible. In finance, more and more attention is paid to responsibility. A carbon footprint is a crucial measure of sustainability and efficiency that influences financing decisions. Prepare to meet rising demands for sustainability not to lose your competitive edge.

Nordic Offset's mission is to help its customers succeed in a world that requires climate responsibility

Nordic Offset’s mission is to help its customers succeed in a world that requires climate responsibility. We are your expert partner inclimate impact assessment and consultation on how to reduce it We offer experienced carbon footprint calculation and consultation aimed at reducing emissions. We also help you offset your greenhouse gas emissions through certified emissions trading projects. We provide advice on how to communicate your climate responsibility. Check out our services.

Finnish pioneer in climate change solutions

Nordic Offset, founded in 2008, became the first domestic player to offer comprehensive carbon footprint management and emissions offsetting services to Finnish companies. We are a pioneer in climate change solutions in Finland. We have been responsible for numerous “firsts” in the industry, from Posti’s carbon-neutral letters to the first Nordic carbon-neutral telecommunications operator Elisa. Read more about our groundbreaking work.

Our services are tailored to help companies and communities find the best climate change solutions. We are expert at reducing the carbon footprint of a company, entity and an individual.

Strategic advice, expert carbon footprint calculation services, the use of the highest quality certified emissions reduction and sustainability communication expertise are combined into a unique service package. Take advantage of our 14 years of experience in the field of climate responsibility. Check out our services.

Genuinely knowledgeable environmental consulting services

Make sure that the development of your sustainability policy is in competent hands. There are numerous protocols, industry-specific guidelines and best practices in place regarding carbon footprint calculation, offsetting and sustainability communications. Various aspects of managing one’s carbon footprint are influenced by authorities and consumer protection laws. It is essential to know these dynamics. We provide expert environmental consulting services. We are closely monitoring the development of climate related legislation, international agreements and best practices so that the construction of your sustainability strategy takes place with the help of the best information.

Nordic Offset’s environmental consulting services are executed by educated and experienced people, get to know them here.

International network, Finnish values

Nordic Offset operates as a Finnish expert company in the international voluntary emissions trading network. The voluntary emissions trading market aims to reduce the carbon footprint of companies and entities by accelerating global emissions reduction projects, along with permanent carbon sinks and carbon dioxide removal technologies in a market-driven manner.

In Finland, we are networked with research institutes, environmental consultants, public authorities, corporate entities and project developers. We ensure that Nordic responsibility, diligence and transparency are realised in our operations.

We want to work towards a comprehensive reduction in greenhouse gas emissions because reducing one’s carbon footprint should be a priority for everyone. It is clear that the functioning of our society will produce greenhouse gas emissions for a long time to come. Decoupling from fossil fuels is a slow process and shutting down all production and operations is not an option. All means are urgently needed to improve the carbon content of the atmosphere. This requires that we aim to reduce the carbon footprint of companies and entities, offset emissions, restore natural environments and remove CO₂ from the atmosphere. Check out the services and contact us.