Achieving carbon neutrality

The pledges made by countries in connection with climate agreements to reduce emissions are insufficient to stop climate change warming the climate by 1.5 degrees Celsius. The private sector is needed to accelerate the reduction of emissions and the elimination of carbon dioxide if the target is to be achieved.

Carbon neutrality means the overall climate impact of the organisation is zero. The primary function of the emissions reduction measures is to bring the total amount of emissions down, but to achieve a carbon neutral status, emissions compensation is often required.

Emission offsetting

Offsetting means the cancellation of the produced greenhouse gas emissions through a project that reduces, binds or eliminates emissions by at least the same amount as that caused by the company’s operations. This should only be done for those emissions that cannot yet be eliminated by other means as part of the company’s operations.

High-quality carbon creidts that are real, additional and permanent must be used to offset (cancel) the emissions. They must be measured, reported and verified. To ensure this, the carbon credits are certified and verified by various standards such as Gold Standard, VERRA and

Carbon credits used to offset or cancel emissions are produced through various project types that reduce emissions, absorb or eliminate carbon dioxide, such as:

Emission-reducing project types:

Energy efficiency (industry, households and communities)

  • Small-scale renewable energy
  • Reductions in industrial gases
  • Low-emission transport and agriculture
  • Waste management
  • Forest protection

Types of projects based on the removal of carbon dioxide from the air:

Nature-based projects

  • Carbon sequestration in soil
  • Carbon sequestration in wood, i.e. afforestation/reforestation
  • Biochar
  • Restoring ecosystems

Technical projects

  • Technological removal of carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere
  • Carbon sequestration by mineralisation
  • Ocean carbon sequestration

The Nordic Offset service

Nordic Offset only retails certified carbon credits from various projects that reduce emissions, increase carbon sinks or support the permanent removal of carbon dioxide. We consult the usability of the projects we retail to offset emissions. We perform a risk evaluation on all projects for the permanence of climate benefits and carbon leakage, for example. We also assess the environmental and social sustainability of the projects. The Nordic Offset service also always includes support for responsibility communication.

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